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I’m a middle-aged beauty blogger from the UK and started this blog to talk about my experiences with different beauty products as a middle-aged woman. I’ve always enjoyed decent skin as I keep out of the sun, wear minimal make-up and am choosy about what I put on my face and body. I thought my experiences may help other women of a ‘certain age’ as I found it hard to find reviews I could trust. That’s how Middle Age Beauty dot com was born.

My look changes A LOT. I can go from four-inch hair to 22-inch with the help of my trusty Remi Cachet hair extensions and I like to change my hair colour regularly. I use vegetable dye to do this (usually La Riche Directions or Adore) and my base is bleached so I can easily achieve crazy colours without piling on further damage.

I’ve added captions to the photos on this page to show what may have enhanced my look in the photo (usually extensions and/or a filter). I believe in transparency on beauty blogs and, although I do believe have great skin, I do have signs of ageing and my skin isn’t perfectly smooth.

Middle aged beauty blogger

2019 (age 44)

I’m wearing an LA weave & pic has a Snapchat filter.

2015 (age 40)

I’m wearing bonded extensions and there’s no filter on this pic.

2017 (age 42)

Bonded extensions, and I think a SnapChat filter used as I look about 20!

2015 (age 40)

No extensions, no filter.

2055 (age 80)

SnapChat’s predicti0on of what I’ll look like at 80. Looks pretty accurate.

2015 (age 40)

Bonded extensions with no filter.

2015 (age 40)

No extensions, no filter.

2017 (age 42)

Taken with a front-facing camera so a bit pixelated (which can give a smoother skin appearance).

2015 (age 40)

Clearly no filter. Wearing my favourite Quidditch t-shirt.

2020 (age 45)

SnapChat filter – I could never get away with that red lip.

Middle aged beauty blogger mermaid top

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